Gone Gourmet
Adventure Food on the Go

Cozy & Stasher Bags

Description: Gone Gourmet's Cozy is a special designed pouch that's insulated to enhance the hot waters' magic during the re-hydration of Gone Gourmet meals, inside a Stasher bag. The Stasher bag is a food grade silicone cooking bag. Both the Cozy & the Stasher bags can be washed & reused over & over again.
Two eat for the price of one: Two Stasher bags (sandwich size) fit inside the Gone Gourmet's Cozy. 2 meals & 1 Cozy.
Five Easy Steps:
Gone Gourmet's meals are ready to enjoy in just 20 minutes.
1. Put selected meal in an insulated container with a lid or a silicone Stasher bag (sandwich size).
2. Add hot water to the dehydrated meal according to meal instructions.
3. Quickly stir the two together & cover. When using a Stasher bag seal up, & place in Gone Gourmet's Cozy.
4. Wait 20 minutes. Take off lid or open up Gone Gourmet's Cozy & the Stasher bag.
5. Give another stir. Dig in & enjoy a delicious hot meal.

Purchase Cozy: $30.00
Purchase Stasher Bags: $17.00

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