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About Lena

Founder Lena Armstrong, an outdoors lover, was a bit intimidated with what food to take hiking with her when she made the transition to eating raw. What would she take to eat, if she didn't eat bread, pasta, rice or dairy? She knew she couldn't live on raisins and almonds forever. How could she have her smoothies, salads and raw soups without her raw kitchen in the mountains? Lena began taking her favorite raw recipes and playing with ideas and dehydrating them. Inspired by like minded hikers who also couldn't eat gluten, grains, dairy or processed foods, Gone Gourmet was born in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

Lena started with one dehydrated breakfast and a couple of suppers and the creativity continues! Coming from a raw food backgroud Gone Gourmet doesn't use any corn, soy, peanuts, potatoes or grains in their meals. The carbs are based from the seeds of wild rice, buckwheat and quinoa that are sprouted and then dehydrated. The chickpea and buckwheat noodles are gluten and wheat free. All the sauces are nut based. While the meals aren't technically raw with adding hot water to the food, Gone Gourmet has developed cold soaking meals as well. We offer both meat and vegan choices, as we believe in eating for ones blood type too.

Gone Gourmet brings to you healthy, mouth watering dishes making one feel really good, full and energized. Gone Gourmet strives to bring you the highest quality of ready to go dehydrated foods, that contain no additives or preservatives. Just real pronouncable foods, with lots of vegetables and natural flavours. Gone Gourmet looks forward to being a part of your future adventures whether in the mountains, on the water, on the road, at the office or even at home. Bon Appetit!

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